Outsourcing the tedious tasks of photocopying or
preparing subpoenas to e-Legal Services allows your
staff to spend more time billing. We will complete the jobs per your specifications with FREE pick-up and delivery in most areas.
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e-Filing | Service of Process

e-Litigation Support Services


Years of experience in the industry has provided us the skill and knowledge to be a leader in litigation support services. We take pride in providing our clients with excellent service, accompanied by excellent customer service. Our goal has never been to be the largest in our industry, our goal is to be the best!

Court Services

• e-Filing
• Physical Filing
• Case Research
• Document Retrieval

We are an EFSP (e-Filing Service Provider) and offer e-Filings throughout the State of California with use of our own Portal. You may use our portal yourself or e-mail the documents for us to process if you don’t have time. Either way, we have you covered in California! Same day Research is also available. We also provide physical filings for those courts that don’t yet offer e-filing. Call today for details!

Service of Process

• Skip-Trace (Locate Subjects)
• Stake-out
• Rush/Immediate Service
• Licensed/Bonded

Process servers available throughout the State of California and Nationwide. All of our servers are licensed, bonded and extremely diligent in their efforts. Rush service, skip-tracing and stake-out services also available for your more difficult requests..

Subpoena Preparation

• Subpoena packet, including Notice to Consumer
• Created and served on Opposing Counsel(s) as well as the Facility(ies)
• Obtain and provide records timely

Our subpoena preparation services save you time and money. As your Deposition Officer we will prepare all California subpoenas for attorney review, serve on all parties and obtain records quickly and efficiently. Subpoena preparation services include notice to consumers and notice to opposing counsels. Tabbing and indexing of records also available.

Imaging Services

• Medical Record Retrieval
• Mobile or in-house copy/scanning services
• Document Management

Imaging services include medical record retrieval, mobile and in-house copy services. On-site scanners capture images in the best possible quality, including color images and double-sided documents. High speed copiers available for fast reproduction of documents and files. Document Management is also available – turn old files into searchable PDF documents.