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Court Services

Call or e-mail us today to complete your court filing or to obtain documents from a court file. Our services are available locally for the San Luis Obispo Court, Paso Robles Court and Santa Maria Court, as well as throughout the State of California. Same day filings and research are available at your request.

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Service of Process

Process servers are available for service of process in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, as well as throughout the State of California. All of our servers are licensed, bonded and extremely diligent in their efforts. Rush service, skip-tracing and stake-out services also available for your more difficult requests.

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Subpoena Preparation

Our subpoena preparation services save you time and money. As your Deposition Officer we will prepare all California subpoenas for attorney review, serve on all parties and obtain records quickly and efficiently. Subpoena preparation services include notice to consumers and notice to opposing counsels. Tabbing and indexing of records also available.

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Imaging Services

Imaging services include medical record retrieval, mobile and in-house copy services. On-site scanners capture images in the best possible quality, including color images and double-sided documents. High speed copiers available for fast reproduction of documents and files. Document Management is also available – turn old files into searchable PDF documents.

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